SHIFT Explained

Do You Find Yourself asking the question...

"Why Should i Work with this are they different?"

SHiFT represents a journey of learning and discovery. An intentional and permanent ‘shift’ in thinking from process to people to culture.

The foundation of SHiFT was built on a continuous improvement mindset. Our founder’s relentless passion for making things better.

“From a young age, I was drawn to Engineering as a means of improving the world around me.”

After more than a decade of Lean / Six Sigma transformations, we began to notice a change – a shift – in organizational needs. Our clients found that solving business problems became the easy part – implementing and sustaining the results was tougher. These depended more on people’s behaviour and performance changes than the solutions themselves.

Helping employees and leaders understand the purpose of the change and the benefits of moving to a new way became the focus. Adding a formal change management approach to our work, meant we could work with impacted employees and leaders to help them understand and accept the changes required.

In our work with leaders at all levels, we have found that using a coach approach was the most effective way of moving forward with challenging transitions.

With the integration of a formal coaching process into our change management approach – our mission became clear. Our purpose is to partner with leaders in thinking and working differently – with one goal in mind – helping them bring out the best of themselves, their organizations and their teams. During times of change, these skills and abilities are put to the test.